Friday, July 31, 2009

Field Test of the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS

When you need to test a good camera or a telephoto, try shooting birds. Birds require very high shutter speed and fast focus. So if your gears are not good enough you'll end up with lousy photos.

After buying the 100-400mm, I went to Zoo Negara for the 4th time. Zoo Negara is a poorly maintained zoo. But they have a bunch of painted storks and they were ideal for testing my lens. It seems that the lens is sharp enough. But it is slow, so I had to often push the ISO to 3200. 5D's ISO 3200 is way better than that of the 40D I had. Still its grainy, and grain removal causes a picture to lose sharpness.

Anyway, so far the lens seems good, a bit heavy though. Have to go to Fraser Hill to try again... Seriously thinking about buying a 2x Extender.


  1. Lens is sharp, but slowness make me worried. I loved this lens and was thinking of it lately. But I am now more inclined towards EF 300 f/4 L, especially with a crop-body 40D.

  2. That's a good choice.. EF 300 f/4L IS is undoubtedly a great lens

  3. আমিও ৪০০ কিনবো


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