Monday, July 20, 2009

Cracking the HDR Secret

Went to Morib beach with my PSPJ friends. I hated Morib last time. So when Ripi sent out the invite, I was not very excited. But then he told me that they'll try to explore the fishing village and that's considered as a interesting subject location. So I went, late by an hour. It was the same old place. Thanks to the recent hazy weather, the whole place looked dull. Around 6:30 they decided to explore the Jugra Hill, to capture sunset. This time, thanks to the cloudy horizon, shots again came very dull. So we headed back to Morib and had our group dinner before starting for KL.

Although the trip was boring, I accidentally cracked the secret of great looking HDR imaging. Ahh! Finally.. No grains nor hallows, colors are well balanced. And the picture is sharp with no artifacts.. Is my new "5D Mark II" the culprit? Hmm..
Cracking the HDR Code..

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