Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Beggars Chicken

I was going through Facebook, suddenly a message from Faz, asking me if I was interested to join them in the "Beggar's Chicken" quest. "Beggar's Chicken" ? Yep, its a famous Chinese dish and not a very common item in the regular menu. Being a foodie, I had no reason to say no.. :)

The place is located near Jugra Hill, Banting. At a first glance it would look like a typical chinese street-side restaurant. But you can't just hop in and start ordering. If you want to enjoy the dish you need to order two days back. Thanks to our buddy Chris Kok, things were arranged without a hitch.

While Faz and Chris were busy finalizing the orders, Ripi and I were busy taking random shots here and there. After waiting for some time, the dish finally came. Honestly, it didn't look that sexy and actually tasted like.... err.. Chicken... what else-aa? We were told that the chickens were covered with clay and slow-roasted with herbs and spices. This sounds great but I don't think this effort yielded enough return on the taste..

Anyway, it was a great dine-out adventure... Wish we had more outings like this..

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