Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to edit your Canon DSLR / Quicktime movies in Windows?

Editing Apple Quicktime Movies (Files that ends with .MOV) is a big pain in Windows. All the new Canon HD DSLR Camera record their movies in this format. So if you own one, you have no choice but using Quicktime!!

Finally, this morning, I've successfully cracked the code!!! So what's the deal? You must have three tools installed in your PC.

Here's the List

1. Quicktime 7.x Pro
2. Xilisoft MOV Converter (Option, Required for Faster Conversion to other formats)
3. Windows Movie Maker (Optional, Required for Title Animation)

Quicktime can be obtained freely. The free version is just a player. Get the serial number and convert your Quicktime to Pro edition. Now open the MOV file with Quicktime player. Use cut, copy, past, delete to merge two MOV files or delete somepart from it. Now save it as a complete MOV file (No referrence). Selection sliders are a bit tricky to find. The following pictures shows how they look in reality...

After saveing the MOV file, now determine the purpose. If you want to upload then go to the file menu and click export. For YouTube select Export "Movie to MPEG-4" and Use "Broandband - Medium".

If you want to create a movie with many clips and effects save it as AVI. AVI takes a lot of space, so must have enough sapce before proceeding.

Sometimes you need to convert the MOV files faster. In that case, use Xilisoft to get things done faster.

I prefert to convert my Canon 5D Mark II into MPEG1 (.mpg) or (.mp4). MP4 needs special software where MPEG1 can be played anytwhere.

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